How to Cut Up a Pineapple Like a Pro

I know there are a lot of ways to cut up a pineapple out there, but I personally think there is only one right way to do it! I grew up in the Philippines, and loved the beautiful ways everyone sliced up fruit. In the markets, the fruit vendors would be carving fruit up so […]

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Lunch at the Cadiz Market

It’s been a very hot summer, my friends. Last Saturday, we saw that the high for our town of El Puerto de Santa Maria was going to be 99ºF, so we decided that we needed to get down to Cadiz, where it’s always cooler, especially in the summer time. This was also a great excuse […]

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Market Visits

Gazpacho– Gluten free!

The Best Gazpacho (Gluten-Free & Grain-Free)

What’s your summertime go-to meal? This year for our family, with so much summer heat and busy-ness, it has absolutely been gazpacho. Every Saturday, we go shopping for our food for the week and I pick up tons of tomatoes, red peppers, and cucumbers, and I make a huge batch of gazpacho. We usually eat […]

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What Could Go Right?

I wrote this post in June of 2015, but am republishing it a year later because I have an important update, which changes the story a little– and I added a video I think you’ll enjoy. If you have already read it, please scroll to the bottom of the post. And if this is the […]

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Mental Health

Feria Fun!

Hi there, remember me? It has been so long since I posted here, but I wanted to share some pictures of this year’s feria. Last year, I think I disappointed everyone (especially Amelia) by not dressing up, so I really went for it this year! And although I never got out my “real” camera, I […]

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Life in Spain

2015: The Year We Faced Our Dreams

I have put off writing this post until the last few hours of 2015, because the idea has overwhelmed me. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about challenges than it is about joys. Do you know what I mean? Everything I want to share here is put into context by the year-end post I wrote four […]

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Living Well

Thoughtful Gifts for Children (Alternative to Toys!)

Over the last couple of years, I have had a lot of fun sharing my favorite gift ideas with you. I have always loved giving gifts, even if I’m a minimalist at heart. I’ve made gift guides for Classy Gentlemen, for Ladies, and for Grandma. But one of my favorite demographics to choose presents for […]

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So Thankful

I just wanted to take a moment to wish my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving, and to express some of the things I am grateful for this year. This is the fifth Thanksgiving we have spent overseas since our move to Europe in 2010, and it’s the first one that I have been able to […]

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A Trip to Granada in Photos

It’s been a while since our trip to Granada, but I really want to show you some of what we saw, and tell you a little bit of what we loved about this cool Spanish city. I’ll mostly focus on photos, since it is such a beautiful place. Forgive me for being short on narrative […]

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Travel in Spain

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