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Are you going through a challenging season?

Are you facing difficult changes in your life– a major loss, a tough family situation, a big move away from your comfort zone?

Or maybe it’s a matter of adjusting to a new phase of life, or trying to get free of intense burnout…

It’s OK. We all go through these challenging life experiences. 

And this book is here to help you use this part of your journey to give you a clear vision and build a better life.

Pruned: Blossoming Through Life’s Difficult Seasons addresses the inevitable periods of crisis and struggle that we encounter, and offers hope, perspective and practical resources for turning these “pruning experiences” into positive opportunities for a stronger, intentional and more joyful life.

Pruned: Blossoming Through LIfe's Difficult Seasons

Pruned: Blossoming Through Life’s Difficult Seasons

Click here to download– $14.99

What People are Saying About Pruned

“Pruned is a healing balm for the battered soul. It was an incredibly timely read for me, and startlingly helpful. Reading through the book, you realize that changing circumstances is a hurdle that everyone will experience–and it doesn’t have to be all that bad. I love the delicate balance emphasized throughout the book: accept feelings of fear, worry, disappointment or grief–but don’t let them steal your hope. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn to handle obstacles and change in a more positive, hopeful way.”

                                                      –Elizabeth Walling, owner of Living the Nourished Life


Ariana’s is the voice we all need to hear in our times of change, transition, and crisis. Her refreshing perspective on the tough times we all go through is an encouraging and positive shift that is essential to experiencing the full potential of growth these often painful struggles can bring. She gently encourages and provides feasible ways of working through tough times. After reading Pruned, I felt more empowered to live joyfully and intentionally, in every moment.

                                                                             –Jennifer Cordova, owner of The Sweet Plaintain


We have all heard the maxim, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Yes, but how? Ariana has written the recipe for life’s lemonade! We often do not know how to get from difficult stations in life to the positives which are supposed to come from them. Knowing the path to follow is important, because how we respond to life’s struggles makes all the difference in whether we get lemonade from those lemons or not. Highly recommended!

                                                                           –Luanne Shackelford, missionary and counselor


It’s amazing how things fall into your lap when you need them the most. This book fell into mine just when a whole load of change happened to my family. It is a refreshingly truthful book full of life experience, practical tools and positivity. A chance to see change differently, without fear is exciting and full of opportunity. A great book- you may not realize how much you need this book until you read it. This topic applies to all our lives no matter how big the changes we experience are. There will always be change to deal with just like the seasons- so get Pruned!

                                                         — Louise Buckley, expat and owner of Loula Natural


Pruned is beautifully written. Ariana uses great quotes, imagery and her own experiences to help bring sometimes-unwelcome life changes into a positive light. She writes on a very personal level and helps the reader get to the root of fears and feelings associated with life changing situations. Pruned is helpful for bringing focus to meaningful parts of life such as family relationships. I’d recommend this book to anyone struggling to find new purpose in his or her life. Thank you, Ariana, for writing it.

                                        — Alexandra Hinton, owner of Caretactics


What This Book is About

My goal in writing this eBook is to help people find their way through major life transitions and difficult events with an eye for how these experiences can be beneficial. By sharing my own story and what I learned in the process, I hope to encourage others to embrace an “abundance mentality,” to see possibility in the midst of loss, and to live more intentionally as a result.

I genuinely believe that transition times are a gift, even when they are hard– they give us a rare opportunity to define what we want in life, why we are here, and where we would like to be in the future.

As humans, we want to believe that we can have control over our lives, but in truth, change is the one constant– all things are forever in a state of flux. Knowing how to embrace change as an opportunity is critical to experiencing joy in life.

This book imparts hope and humor to the inevitably heavy parts of living– job loss, financial strain, illness, family changes, and everything else that inevitably comes with the human experience.

On a practical level, this book is a guide to coping with the logistical and emotional challenges of major upheaval or personal struggle– I will be sharing tips on how to strengthen family bonds during trying times, how to get the support needed to survive the bumpiest parts of the journey, how to face fear and worry, and effective ways to take care of your internal resources during trying times.

You Will Learn How To:

  •  Make Peace with Change

  • Find Perspective in Difficulty

  • Use Crossroads to Identify Life Vision

  • Face Fears in an Empowering Way

  • Cope with Stress

  • Cultivate a Stronger Family in Difficult Seasons

  • Transform  Worry

  • Positively Reframe Challenges

  • Experience Joy More Fully

  • Avoid Common Thought Traps

  • Choose Hope in the Midst of Struggle

Want a Sample?

Here’s an adapted excerpt– How to Face Your Fears (And live a more joyful, abundant life as a result!)

Pruned Book Cover

Pruned: Blossoming Through Life’s Difficult Seasons

Click here to download– $14.99


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