The And Here We Are Cookbook– Now Available in Digital Format and Paperback!

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Discover 80 Beautifully Presented Grain-Free Recipes: And Here We Are at The Table Cookbook

If You Think ‘Eating Well’ Is As Much About The Experience As The Health Benefits, Then Read On To Discover How This Adventurous New Cookbook Will Enrich Your Cooking, Your Mealtimes… And Your Life.

And Here We Are At the Table– Grain-free meals from around the world

  • Are you struggling for cooking inspiration?
  • Are you tired of cooking and serving the same meals every week?
  • Are you worried that your family isn’t getting the nourishment it needs?
  • Do you dread the looks of boredom at your dinner table?
  • Do regular cookbooks all look the same to you?

Anyone who loves to cook, entertain, or just spend time with their family knows the simple truth:
At The Table Is Where The Good Stuff Happens. 

Gathering around a delicious meal with friends and family has been a source of joy and nourishment for people through the ages, and it is something I believe we all need… deeply.

It’s a time of good conversation, connection, and revival. So many elements of our modern lives are crowding out this tradition, but I believe it’s more important than ever before to spend time together at  the table, and that it doesn’t have to be difficult to share beautiful meals on a daily basis.

We eat for so much more than mere sustenance. The full experience of a great meal can take us away, create community and nourish our souls. And Here We Are At The Table is about so much more than recipes.  Part memoir, part travelogue, and full of vibrant recipes from around the world, it is all about good food and the experience of a welcoming, abundant table.
Grain-free Cookbook

You get SO MUCH MORE than just a recipe to follow.

And Here We Are At The Table: Grain-Free Meals From Around The World is:

  • A Cookbook – containing 80 delicious, vibrant, grain-free recipes for every occasion.
  • A Travelogue – detailing the adventures from around the world that lead to the recipes you are preparing.
  • A Memoir – of the most enjoyable meals and people I have spent time with at the table from around the world.
  • A Guide – foraging, global markets and the basics that all good cooks should know.

If you want to dive in and get started cooking incredible meals today then you can order the digital cookbook for only $19.99 by clicking the ORDER NOW button below.

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 Do you believe that sharing a meal should be a source of stimulation, connection and deep nourishment?

I do, too. So come join me At the Table.

Grain-free cookbook

Just Look At How Beautiful This Cookbook Is Inside!

Black Cherry Ice Cream RecipeVisiting an Open MarketDinner page from e-bookBabaganoush RecipeFermented rhubarb soda recipeI have been amazed at the outpouring of gratitude and excitement for the recipes and stories on my blog… and so I decided to create this book.

What People Are Saying…

If you haven’t been following Ariana and her blog And Here We Are, then you are missing out in a big way! As someone who loves everything about food, from collecting cookbooks, to watching cooking shows on TV and creating my own recipes, I have fallen in love with Ariana’s blog and her approach to food. She takes you on a culinary journey with her extensive knowledge of food from around the world and her book will have you traveling the world in the comfort of your own home while you get to enjoy some seriously delicious recipes!
– Naz, Cinnamon Eats

And Here We Are At the Table celebrates the richness and diversity of a life well traveled. The recipes you’ll find here are vibrant and intuitive, yet simple and easy to follow. This book is a great mix of savoring both good food and conversation. Enjoy as Ariana takes you by the hand to introduce you to delicious fare from all over the world and explains the intricacies of making it for your own table.
–Allison Jordan, The Sprouting Seed

And Here We Are At The Table Snapshot

 My dream is to share some of my experiences related to food in order to inspire others to come back to the table, to enjoy sitting with family and friends, and to believe it’s possible to eat well with ease and joy!

A great meal can be a welcome respite from the challenges of daily life… and sharing good food can create community, nurture shared histories and replenish your spirit.

After all…

Everyone NEEDS to eat!

 “And Here We Are At The Table: Grain-Free Meals From Around The World Is Truly A Cookbook Like No Other”

Delightful. That one word describes Ariana, her blog And Here We Are, and now her new cookbook At the Table. Food for Ariana means simple pleasure and that’s what you’ll find here . . . recipes from around the world simply prepared yet meant to turn every meal into a celebration of real food and family.

–Susan Vinkofski, Learning & Yearning

What an absolutely fabulous book! Like many, I want to feed my family healthy foods with limited grains, but find myself in a rut on how to serve up delicious grain-free dishes day after day. And Here We Are At the Table gives such great inspiration with lively, fresh flavors that people from around the world have enjoyed for centuries. How have I missed out on some of these amazing flavors until now??? I’ve been cooking from this book from the day I discovered it– and look forward to doing so for a long time to come. Thank you, Ariana, for a truly delightful book.

–Kresha Faber,

 Recipe from e-book     Recipe 2 from e-book

Now Available In Digital Format And Paperback!

This cookbook is about good food and eating well, that happens to be grain-free– so it’s for everyone, not just people on a grain-free diet.

Print Version includes:

  • 183 high quality print pages featuring 80 mouthwatering recipes complimented by beautiful photographs.
  • Clear and detailed instructions that anyone can follow, regardless of experience.
  • A delicious escape from mundane mealtimes.
Vibrant flavors from all over the world.
  • The complete spectrum of meals including exciting ideas for breakfast, dinner, sides, salads, condiments, desserts, drinks.
  • Cooking basics that every cook should know.
  • Helpful tips and menus for going grain-free without the pain and confusion normally associated with the transition.
  • Excellent print size because many people just don’t want to bring a cumbersome screen into their kitchen to see the recipes on!

Digital Version Includes All of the Above, PLUS:

  • Exclusive sections on food adventures like foraging, visiting various global markets, and numerous intrigues I’ve encountered on my foodie adventures around the world.
  • BIG, beautiful photographs that render perfectly on screen (so you still feel like you have a piece of art not just a rushed together pdf!)
  • 3 cooking tutorial videos for the aspiring cook.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Mealtimes 
And Bring Joy To Your Dinner Table?

I can’t wait to share my family’s favorite recipes and stories with you.

Are you hungry yet?

Here are just a few pictures of some of the recipes inside…

Pie from the e-book

Chicken from the e-book

Baked dish from the e-book

Pickled Onions

Order this digital cookbook now and download instantly!

If you want to dive in and get started cooking incredible meals today then you can order the digital cookbook for only $19.99 by clicking the ORDER NOW button below.

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And Here We Are At the Table– Grain-free meals from around the worldIf you are happy to wait a short while to get your hands on the beautiful paperback edition, that will find a permanent home in your kitchen, then you can click the button below and order it through amazon.

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Order this book in print,
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Roasted Chicken page 2nd recipe from e-book Print versions of book at tableClick here to order the print version of this cookbook! Order Cookbook

I really hope you enjoy the book, the recipes and the mealtime experiences that you create.



 And Here We Are At The Table is an adventure for the home cook. The stories that go along with the recipes brought the recipes to life for me. Although the dishes presented in this book are beautiful and exotic-sounding, Ariana shows us that we don’t have to be a professional chef to have the flavors of the world in our own kitchens.

–Allison Goines, Our Small Hours

And Here We Are At The Table is a wonderful cookbook/memoir. Ariana has woven delightful stories in between some very interesting and healthy grain free recipes from all around the world. I have found other cultures fascinating and love to travel. Since I don’t have the money to travel myself these days, this little book satisfies my urge to travel (at least somewhat) and fills in the gaps with international foods and interesting stories.

–Jennifer Dages, Purposeful Nutrition

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