The Changing of the Guard!

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We did go back to London on Sunday– now that we know how easy it really is to get there, we just can’t get enough. A big thank you to everyone who emailed or left comments about places to go in London– that was really helpful! We parked near St. James park, which landed us right next to many major sights. The highlight for Amelia was getting to see Buckingham Palace, and we were lucky enough to arrive halfway through the changing of the guard. It was bright and crowded and we were not super close, so I didn’t get lots of great pictures. But it was still really fun to see, and I’ll show you a few images.
This was the warm-up act:  an older gentleman who had dressed his pet ferret up in a fur hat like those the guards were wearing. This little critter just kept changing positions as he napped in the sun.

 His owner was very firm about admirers: “Don’t touch ‘im! ‘E bites!”

 I know it’s a bit of an obvious statement, but I’ll say it anyway– the changing of the guard was just so ceremonious! I loved the order, the seriousness of the task, one that has taken place over and over again, but is addressed with so much tradition, pomp and solemnity. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but they have a guard dog! He was being led out on a leash in front of the first group of guards.

And I always love seeing police officers on horses!

A couple of stray soldiers walked across the street, at first in their individual strides, but they quickly coordinated their rhythms and swung their arms like we would expect.

What a fun event to witness! I do have to mention, that as things were winding down and the crowds were dispersing, some jaded American remarked to her companion, “Well, I would have thought they would have brought out the double buggy for this occasion.”  Oh, please! This wasn’t enough for you? May we never lose our sense of wonder….

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