Nuremburg, One More Time!

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After spending such a wonderful day in Nuremburg on Thursday, by Saturday morning we were ready to go back for more! We booked a cheap hotel room online, grabbed a change of clothes, and headed out for a miniature family vacation.
Wonder what they see?
Here’s another one.
 Once again, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. I hardly wore a coat the whole time there!
 We mostly just walked and walked all over town, again.
It was so amazing to have so much sunshine all weekend!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all blissful. We spent a good part of the morning looking for our hotel. Once we found it, we realized that it was pretty gross, and the rooms were so tiny that there would be nowhere to make a little bed for Amelia. Plus, they didn’t have our reservation. We decided that this was a mercy, and that we were off the hook. The next couple of hours were spent trying to decide how much time we should spend looking for an affordable hotel room, and whether maybe we should just go home that evening. And another hour looking. Fortunately, we found one, and it was pretty cute and clean.

By this time it was late in the afternoon. We brought our stuff to our room, and Jeff and I had a huge misunderstanding which resulted in him walking all over town with Amelia looking for me when she should have been napping, and me waiting in the hotel room, eager for her to get her nap over with so I could go browse some stores! By the time they got back, it was getting dark, and most shops were closing.

There was a French restaurant that had gotten some good press at Lonely Planet that Jeff had wanted to try. We showed up there ravenous, and found out that they wouldn’t open for 20 more minutes. So we waited outside, till they opened. Then they were all hoity-toity about the fact that we didn’t have a reservation, and let us know (twice) that we could only keep our table for two hours. Seriously, what family of three (one part 4 year old) really stays at the table that long anyway? Jeff and I ordered their prix fixe menu that included three courses for about the price of an entree. Amelia had a king prawn appetizer (she loves shrimp, and I think it’s partly because I am terribly allergic to it, and she is always so smug when she eats it!)  Well, for all that pretension, the food was lousy. All of it. I had a piece of salmon that had not been de-boned, and I had quite a little pile of bones on my plate by the end of the meal. Not a problem in Asia, but a little ridiculous in this case. At least it had been relatively affordable. We checked that one off the list, and went back to our hotel to spend the night.

To add to the “lousy” list, Jeff had some sort of eye irritation that resulted in having one eye almost swollen shut. He was a great sport, and didn’t let it stop us from doing our best to enjoy our time, but it’s hard to be away from home when something weird like that happens. That’s why there are not any pictures of his face here, in case you were wondering!

The highlight of our trip for Amelia was the breakfast buffet at the hotel. She was SO excited! She had eggs, sausage, fruit salad, ham, diluted juice, smoked trout… She just ate and ate, and we gave her all the time in the world to enjoy herself.
Then it was more walking, on such an incredibly gorgeous day.

So, there were  some disappointments. But we still had a really lovely time. All of the hangups just hardened our resolve to get back there and try again! It was really great to just be together as a family, and be in an amazing city. And I really cannot say how incredible the weather was! Thank you, Nuremburg!

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3 Responses to Nuremburg, One More Time!

  1. Winnie November 21, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    How wonderful for you guys….I really feel blest that we had one day there when we visited our niece in Amburg. Can’t believe that is where you are of all the places in Germany but I am so glad that you are there so I know what it looks like. You have done a great job with this blog….Amazing in fact….Love, Winnie

  2. Anonymous November 21, 2010 at 11:41 pm #

    Thanks for chronicling your days so thoroughly, all the pics plus the ‘ups and downs’. Makes for good reading and lets us live it along with you!

  3. Eva September 18, 2014 at 1:04 am #

    I had the pleasure to grow up in this region and it is one if my favourite parts of Germany. Next time you visit, do yourself a favour and spend a couple of days in Bamberg, 45 min north of Nuremberg. It’s my home town and truly one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. You won’t regret it 🙂

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