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A Stroll Through the Vineyards at Wyken

There’s somewhere special that I would like to take you.

Wyken Vineyards is one of our favorite spots, and I have the pleasure of doing regular photography for this beautiful property, which includes extensive gardens, a restaurant, a farm, and a vineyard.  I heard that the grape harvest starts this week, so I had to get over there quickly, to capture the vines heavy with their ripe fruit.  We went after dinner, when the light would be just right.  Although this photo shoot was the last thing on a long list of things we needed to take care of yesterday, it was a rest for our spirits. Such a treat.

First of all, you have to walk through these woods to get to the vineyard.IMG_1050Past waist-high ferns.  I love the smell of ferns– so intensely green.  Do you?
IMG_1061As we walked, big groups of partridges (?) scattered in slow-motion.
IMG_1057And then we reach the vineyard, on a sunny south-facing slope.  IMG_1104We have been here many times, but never when the grapes were like this.IMG_1068IMG_1143 IMG_1120 IMG_1117 IMG_1080 IMG_1097 IMG_1130 IMG_1103 IMG_1112IMG_1127They are ready for harvest.  The clusters will be picked, loaded into buckets, and then rushed to the winery within hours to be turned into several different beautiful Suffolk wines.  The Bacchus grapes from this vineyard last year became a wine that won multiple awards for East Anglia.IMG_1147 This is all too lovely to keep to myself.  Thanks for coming with us!

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