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Fermented Rosehip Soda

IMG_1545 It’s a great time of year to collect rosehips.  They are all over the place here in England, where my family is living at the moment.  Rosehips are popular wild sources of vitamin C, have numerous herbal benefits, and they have a really nice flavor.


The problem is that they can be a bit hard to work with, because they have hairs inside with the seeds.  So I am always looking for uses that work with whole rosehips.  This fermented rosehip soda is perfect and very low-maintenance.  You just boil the hips for flavor, and strain them out.

I love to brew my own ciders and wines, but it’s really nice to have something quick and kid-friendly on-hand, too. This is a great way to use foraged herbs, flowers and berries. You can use this method for any fruit, really, and it’s very similar to my method for making fermented rhubarb & honey soda.

I shared my recipe for making rosehip soda over at The Prairie Homestead this week.  Click over there to read it!


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