Black Friday 2015

Holiday Sale

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful time at your Thanksgiving celebration. We sure did– I cooked the whole meal, and we invited a Spanish family over and introduced them to our favorite food traditions. We had a fun time with them, and it was very memorable! I wanted to let you know about […]

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So Thankful

I just wanted to take a moment to wish my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving, and to express some of the things I am grateful for this year. This is the fifth Thanksgiving we have spent overseas since our move to Europe in 2010, and it’s the first one that I have been able to […]

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A Trip to Granada in Photos

It’s been a while since our trip to Granada, but I really want to show you some of what we saw, and tell you a little bit of what we loved about this cool Spanish city. I’ll mostly focus on photos, since it is such a beautiful place. Forgive me for being short on narrative […]

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Travel in Spain

10 Tips for Better Homemade Cider

One of my most popular posts ever has been my tutorial on Making Hard Cider From Whole Apples (without a press). I love that so many people are giving it a try– it’s so much fun! Now that it’s apple season again, I thought it would be great to provide some more information on making […]

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Jeff’s Grain-Free Banana Nut Muffins

I may be the main cook at our house, but Jeff is the baker. And I love him for it. I like to cook meals that are inspired by whatever I have on hand, and that are pretty forgiving and handle lots of substitutions. Baking is more of an exact science, however, and I often […]

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Can you believe we’re almost through August? Wow! To be honest, I am kind of excited– September 1 means the end of tourist season in our town, and I am told that on that day, we can go to the beach and (almost) everyone will be magically gone. We miss our beach, and […]

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Good Reads

6 Tips for Feeding Your Family When You’re Busy

At the end of every summer, I look forward to getting back into routines. Usually, without sturdy schedules, mealtimes get a little lax, and so does my planning. Sometimes I skip breakfast because I can’t figure out what I want, and lunch is often delayed until two or three o clock in the afternoon. I […]

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